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THRIVE Central Luzon is one of the country's Regional Inclusive Innovation Centers (RIICs), manifesting the 2018 Inclusive Filipinnovation and Entrepreneurship Roadmap spearheaded by DTI and DOST with support from USAID Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for Development (STRIDE). Duly recognized by the Regional Development Council on December 9, 2020, THRIVE Central Luzon sets forth in driving economic competitiveness in the countryside by harmonizing innovation efforts across government, industry and academia. It is a growing community that works toward a stronger innovation ecosystem and aims to unlock the boundless potential from cross-sectoral collaboration.



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Our Branding

The brand is inspired by the need to revitalize the region, especially amidst the pandemic. Our name expresses our aspirations to flourish and prosper despite challenging circumstances. Our icon is derived from a hive, symbolizing nurtured affinities and working together as one. THRIVE Central Luzon is a representation and a reminder, that we grow through convergence, and when innovation is within reach.


THRIVE Central Luzon sets out to strengthen the region's innovation ecosystem by improving stakeholder access to innovation and creating platforms for dialogue, collaboration and partnerships that would contribute to inclusive and sustainable development.

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Porto Support


Facilitate stronger dialogue between GIA stakeholders in the region

Strengthen network for increased synergy and resource-sharing among innovation programs and services

Formulate a more responsive and demand-driven research and innovation agenda

Improve overall awareness and MSME guidance on innovation and accessing appropriate resources

Harmonize existing assets and innovation efforts of MSMEs in the region (with emphasis on business resiliency and competitiveness).


THRIVE Central Luzon cultivates cross-sectoral synergy in the innovation ecosystem towards market-oriented research and development outputs, in order to unlock and sustain competitive advantages for local businesses towards economic development in the region.

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Let us all join hands and work together as we build and improve the competitiveness of our industries for the growth and development of our innovation ecosystem.

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THRIVE Central Luzon

Regional Inclusive Innovation Center